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KittyJun Jun’s Mother

That moment I saw Jun had the brightest smile on his face. That night Jun said to me in his own words ‘this place is amazing! TEACHERS are amazing!

Clarice CheungKaylee’s Mother

Kaylee has been going to Fairchild Junior Academy (FJA) and Fairchild Kindergarten (FK) for over three years now. This was one of the best decisions we have every made for our daughter as we are extremely happy with the quality of education that the teachers and staff brought for our child… We were looking for a place where our child can blossom in a respectful environment, where she can develop naturally, at her own will and pace, and be guided by teachers who are there to learn and discover new things with her in a warm and nurturing environment, and Fairchild was perfect for us…Fairchild was outstanding because of their ability to execute the Reggio Emilia approach faithfully and yet adaptive to modern times… Kaylee has blossomed from a cautious, observant infant, to a relatively reserved and sensitive toddler, to now a confident, happy-go-lucky and independent preschooler attending FK’s dual language class…This is what we call true early childhood education.

LizzHudson’s Mother

Thank you for everything the teachers have done for him. Your ability to see the good in him and your patience in helping him see it in himself have really instilled him with confidence and social skills beyond what he would’ve developed on his own. I will always laugh at the inflection in his voice when he uses his “good manners” and be thankful for what you have given him.

Connie樂之Larissa’s Mother

樂之由一歲開始參加Fairchild Playgroup。我非常欣賞Fairchild的教學模式。老師會利用不同素材讓小朋友自行探索,樂之從playgroup中學習與不同陌生人及小朋友相處,改變害羞性格及學習規矩,而我亦十分感謝Wini及Winsy老師的幫忙,因為在樂之成長中,我亦遇過好多難題,多得老師教導讓我學習怎樣處理。

LydiaMother of Maxwell and Harvey

Max and Harvey are so lucky to have been in your class and under the care of such a wonderful teacher! They have definitely flourished through your friendship and guidance. Fairchild has not only been a happy place for our kids, but for us (parents) as well. It's been 3 years and we're always greeted with warm and friendly smiles.

AnjuIla’s Mother

We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Fairchild, Tin Hau. The environment, the care, the proactive feedback, dedication and passion from all the team has just been second to none. We have seen Ila grow from a little toddler to such an independent, strong-minded little lady with bags of personality. We are so thankful that she was blessed with such great teachers who nurtured and encouraged her to develop with freedom and creativity. Thank you Team Fairchild!!

AlexFather of Clara and Margaux

Durant cette annee, nos deux filles sont allees tous les jours a l'ecole avec le sourire, heureuses de retrouver leurs copains de classe ainsi que Ms Wini et Ms Daizy. Un grand merci a elles, ainsi qu'a toute l'equipe de Fairchild, de leur avoir offert une si belle premiere experience de l’ecole!

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