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At Fairchild, the development of the whole child in a play-focused environment is central to everything we do. Our teaching and learning are based on the Kindergarten Program from Ontario, Canada, as well as meeting the expectations of the Hong Kong Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide. Our educators base their methods on the Reggio Emilia approach to facilitating learning.


Play-based LearningFairchild is one of Hong Kong’s pioneers of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, awarded ‘Top 10 Most Valuable Preschool’ in Hong Kong. Our educators encourage children to follow their own interests through sensory play, creative arts, music and movement, exploring nature and many other hands-on learning activities.

Engaging Campus LifeFairchild has built an engaging yet welcoming campus that encourages children to play, inquire and learn in a 8,000 sq.ft. of learning space. We introduce many natural elements into our classroom, not only sand, water and plants, but also worms, butterflies, turtles and geckos! By bringing the outdoors in, Fairchild creates a ‘perfect place’, defined by our students, where they come to school every day with a big smile.

Multicultural Learning EnvironmentFairchild is a happy multicultural community where children and families from around the globe gather and grow up together. We offer classes in English and Mandarin taught by native teachers, providing a truly immersive environment that benefits children’s language development.

...my children get to mingle with kids from at least 5 or 6 different nationalities just in their classes alone. You almost forget you are in HK. My kid is excited to go to school every day. – Johnny’s parent

Close Parent-Teacher CommunicationFairchild works hand in hand with families to ensure a happy, healthy and all-rounded development of each child. We use an online platform to share with parents what children have learned at school on a weekly basis. Parents are encouraged to create wonderful memories alongside their children’s learning journey, for example, accompanying them on school trips, sharing their country’s unique cultures and celebrating children’s birthdays in class.

Primary PlacementFairchild paves a path to both elite international schools and local schools, as well as schools overseas. The majority of Fairchild graduates head on to renowned international schools in Hong Kong such as ESF schools, HKIS, FIS, CDNIS and more.


Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, creativity and confidence in each child through an inquiry-based approach to learning.


Our vision is for Fairchild to be a place where:

  • The ‘smile index’ is high within an atmosphere of happiness
  • Children love to come to school every day and know they are valued
  • Play is integral to learning as well as social, physical and emotional growth
  • Children build confidence but remain humble
  • Risk taking and unfamiliar challenges are welcome
  • Children are inspired to be creative, curious, adventurous and inquisitive
  • Staff are passionate about children and love to be around them
  • Staff and parents support children through an inquiry-based, hands-on and engaging approach to facilitate learning
  • The environment is the third teacher after the parents and teachers
  • Children will be fully prepared to enter the best local and international school programs in Hong Kong

Guiding Principlesbased on Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach

Fairchild has been inspired by the fundamental principles of the Reggio Emilia approach and is committed to interpreting these ideas.

  • The child as the knowledge maker, collaborator and communicator
  • The teacher as partner, nurturer, guide and researcher
  • Cooperation as the foundation of the educational system
  • The classroom environment as the "third teacher"
  • The parents as our partners in their child’s learning journey

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Joseph San Inn FungFounding Director

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Betty YauPrincipal & Acting Head of Fairchild Junior Academy



Kathy NuttingEducational Consultant & Founding
Head of Early Childhood Education


WaiPing Kwok[ China ]Vice-Principal


Anthony LeeEducator


Tamby ChanEducator


Heather WaiEducator


Christina FuEducator


Winnie YauEducator


Camilla CalkinEducator


Taryn ThorneEducator


Daphne MauEducator


Shirley YangEducator


Jessie LeungEducator


Clara LeungEducator & Community Engagement Director


Winsy Poon[ Canada ]Education and Parent Consultant


Winky KoOffice Manager


Doris ChengAdmin Support


Frances LawBusiness and Marketing Manager


Sandy LeungSupport Staff


Winnie YuSupport Staff


Yin LawSupport Staff

Community and Educational Advisors

Dr. Blye Frank

  • Dean, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Ms. Laura Edwards

  • Executive Director Advancement, York House School

Ms. Mary Anne Van Acker

  • Assistant Head, Technology and Innovation at The Bishop Strachan School

Dr. Richard Man Wui Ho 何文匯

  • Honorary Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Rickey Yada

  • Dean of University of British Columbia, Land and Food Sciences

Dr. Tom Matthews

  • Headmaster St. George's School, Vancouver British Columbia

Dr. Wendy Carr

  • Associate Dean, Teacher Education, University of British Columbia

Dr. Will Valley

  • Academic Director of Land Food, and Community Series, University of British Columbia