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Primary Placement

One of our prime goals at Fairchild is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners from a very young age. We believe that children have an innate love of learning and are rich in potential. Children feel valued if they are allowed to assume responsibility for their learning. At Fairchild, we will nurture each child’s learning journey through play and inquiry-based experiences. This forms a solid foundation upon which to build confident, curious, creative children.

Not only will students attending Fairchild have the opportunity to attend future Fairchild primary and secondary schools, but they will also be prepared to join the best local and international schools, should that be their choice.

Collaboration with Schools in Canada

Fairchild Canadian Academy (FCA) is the educational institute that operates both Fairchild Nursery & Kindergarten (FK) and Fairchild Junior Academy in Hong Kong. In developing its current educational model, FK school administrators have worked in close consultation and in partnership with three world-class Canadian schools : York House School in Vancouver, St. George’s School in Vancouver, and The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto. All three of these schools are ranked amongst the highest in the educational world in terms of quality, tradition, placement and culture.

As FCA continues to grow, these close relationships will potentially enhance our students’ cross-cultural relationship with Canada. As well, for FCA families who may be considering these schools for the future, admissions personnel from Fairchild’s partnered Canadian schools will be pleased to meet with interested Fairchild parents and students.

In an effort to ensure we are always learning and growing as educators, we are working closely with the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Land and Food Services at the University of British Columbia (UBC). UBC is consistently ranked one of the top 40 universities in the world and is considered a world-class research institution. Our staff will communicate regularly with researchers in both faculties in an effort to constantly reflect on our practices and pedagogical approach.