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Biography of Winnie Yau

I was born in China and have lived in Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore. I studied Economics in Canada and worked in the commercial field after graduation. In my previous job with a personal development training company in Singapore, I found out that people’s early childhood experience would affect their behaviours in adulthood. So I decided instead of trying to fix the problems in adulthood, why not start right from the beginning - train the children from young, to prevent the problems! To equip myself as an early childhood educator, I took a Postgraduate Diploma course in Early Childhood Care and Education in 2000 and I have been working in this field since then till now.

I have worked with children from 2 to 6 years old in multicultural environments both in Singapore and Hong Kong. I believe that love is the universal language for all cultures. In a loving and secure learning environment, children’s curiosity and creativity will spark. Character development is always close to my heart. My passion is to help children to fully develop their potentials, not just in the academic aspect, but also in social and emotional learning and character development. I love to integrate character-building elements into my daily interactions with children and their learning process, to help them to be confident learners who care for the people and the world around them, able to face challenges in life and solve problems in creative and positive ways.

I believe that children learn through observing and interacting with their environments, they should be encouraged to explore, learn through play and discovery. Hence, I enjoy observing and facilitating children's play and exploration; interacting and guiding them accordingly. Through these interactions, children pick up Mandarin naturally, as well as through stories, songs, and games in fun and interesting ways.

I am very happy to continue my journey as an educator with Fairchild. I look forward to walking alongside and enjoying this journey with the children and their families at Fairchild together!