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Biography of Winky Ko

Life is about learning and enjoying from the surrounding environment!

I was born, raised and educated in Hong Kong. In the years from 2000 to 2009, I was lucky to gain some invaluable work and life experiences in Sydney, Beijing and Guangzhou!

By joining Fairchild in September 2017, I have stepped into my 13th year working in the education field.

My one-year spent as a part-time art teacher in a local high school earned me skills for planning curriculum independently and time management for 45 students in one class and 7 classes in total. My organisation and coordination skills gained from following up the overseas orders in the garment field. My customer service technique was polished in the luxury hotel industry. I learned the “Push and Pull” sales technique from a prestigious PR Agency. Several years spent in a well-known children learning centre in Hong Kong and franchised preschools group in Beijing and Guangzhou earned me the overall management skills by dealing with business owners, parents, teachers and local vendors with cultural diversity. I managed the PTSA Shop in a local well-known international high school with 1,800 students, which further enhanced my accounting capabilities. My most recent job before joining Fairchild was with a newly opened, well-known international kindergarten, whereby I was responsible for administration, coordination, resourcing, supervision of the cleaning team, and overseeing the budget for the school.

I appreciate all the previous opportunities where I learn to see things from different angles. I am happy to use my skills to bring out children’s potential and help parents in typical child development and am excited to learn and grow with Fairchild families.