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Biography of WaiPing Kwok





I entered an amazing stage of my life when I became a mother in 2007! One day my son asked me 'Why are you a teacher?' I told him, “It is because I love children“! My answer to him was short, but I have spent my entire life researching, learning and teaching children. Now, my son is 15 years old and is studying at Chinese International School.

I have entered the twenty-seventh year of my teaching career. I have experience as a Chinese Co-ordinator, as a teacher from secondary school to primary school and from kindergarten to playgroup and now a Vice Principal of Fairchild Kindergarten. I enjoy each and every moment of teaching, and have learned so much along the way and I'm still learning today!

I always strive to further my understanding of children and have continued to study throughout my career, from pursuing a qualification of QKT (Qualified Kindergarten Teacher, Special Education to a Master’s Degree of Education. I am still eager to learn and to further my knowledge.

In my twenty seven years of teaching, I have come to understand that there must be healthy interaction between teachers, children and parents; the community as a whole nurtures our children. I look forward to us working together to develop a deeper understanding of "the hundred languages" of children towards a brighter, happier future.