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Biography of Polly Chan

I was born in Hong Kong but moved to New Zealand to continue my studies in college and gained my teaching qualification in Auckland University of Technology. I’ve been studying and working in the early childhood education field in both New Zealand and Hong Kong for twenty years. I believe that learning is a life-long journey and we are constantly learning throughout life. In order to broaden my horizons, I obtained a Diploma course in Early Childhood Care and Education last year and I will be finishing another Diploma course in Pre and Primary Teaching at the end of this year. In two years time, I will achieve my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education qualification.

My first home tutoring and babysitting career started almost twenty years ago in New Zealand when I was a teenager. I have always been working with young children from infants to the age of six in kindergartens and Reggio Emilia inspired playgroups and preschools in both New Zealand and Hong Kong.

As an early childhood educator and a mother of a seven-year-old daughter, I have experienced different teaching philosophies and curricula which includes Te Whariki, the Early Years Foundation Stage, as well as the Reggio Emilia approach. I enjoy inquiry play based environments the most. I see the importance for children to be able to take the lead to shape their own learning by making their own decisions, investigating, as well as experimenting so as to seek answers and solve problems. Whenever my daughter asks me a question, I seldom give her the answer directly, but instead I encourage her to find the answer through various ways. This is one of the reasons why she loves reading so much.

I believe that I’m very lucky to be part of the Fairchild Family, as I am able to meet the children and families from both communities while teaching in both Fairchild Kindergarten and Fairchild Junior Academy. I love seeing how children walk into school with their big smiles, showing their passion and enthusiasm to start their busy day through explorations and interactions with friends and adults. It’s always incredible to see the creativity in young learners, how they construct their own ideas and acquire knowledge through various activities in such engaging and stimulating environments at both FK and FJA.