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Biography of Joyce Chan

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and hold the qualification of PGDE in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as a bachelor degree in Media and Communications. I am also a qualified educator back in New South Wales, Australia.

I have been working with children since 2001 and worked in both non-profit organizations and private learning centers as a program planner, language and leisure course instructor. I believe myself to be an extrovert and adventurous educator who loves discovering, investigating and trying together with children. Not only do I love the interaction with children, but I also enjoy seeing “the other perspectives” of children. I uphold the belief of “early childhood education laying the foundation of one’s future” and believe a good role model at a young age is vital for children’s development. That’s why I decided to devote myself to the early childhood education sector, and I am keen to become a life-long influencer.

With practical experience in Australia and local kindergartens, I have found that the curriculum and the environment at Fairchild highly encourages children to explore, to express, to communicate with peers, and to build up problem solving abilities. The “smile index” and creativity amazes me and is the reason for my joining the Fairchild family in August 2019.