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Biography of John Man

I was born and raised in London, England. I attended a small but broad spectrum of schools from government funded early years to secondary boarding school with exposure to an array of religions and diverse cultures. I represented my school in football, athletics and fencing with a fair amount of success. Many opportunities in sport, travel, friendships and multi cultural learning experiences were presented to me. I graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a Bachelor degree in Travel and Hospitality Management. I have worked in the travel, hotel and catering business and even ran my own restaurants providing for my local community.

My arrival into teaching was not planned or straight forward but a result of following my heart, my mind and seeking purpose and betterment. My experiences have not only kept me open-minded, grounded and practical but have also made me a life-long learner. I started teaching adults English ten years ago and slowly gravitated through the ranks to kindergarten in the seven years that I have been in Hong Kong. Most recently I studied Early Childhood development at the University of Hong Kong for my Post-Graduate Diploma of Education. My other passions in life are travel, photography, tennis, food, swimming and motorcycling.

My achievements would not have been possible without the understanding of my loving and liberal parents even with their difficult and strict upbringings gave my siblings and myself the same selfless childhood but was more about what you can do than what you cannot do, and understanding the difference between need and want. I hope not to have changed too much and continue to make progress.