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Biography of Jocelyn Zhang

I set up my mind to take teaching as my future career in my second year of college. I spent several weeks in Bali in 2016 teaching young children, and suddenly I fell in love with those beautiful smiles, shining eyes and boundless potential. Since then, I have been cherishing every moment with children and making myself become a better educator.

Being born and growing up where Putonghua is originally from, I can always bring the most authentic language to kids while guiding them to connect it with culture. Getting my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Translation helps me understand the dual language issues better as well as being more sensitive to children’s linguistic needs. Holding the degree of Master of Education from The University of Hong Kong, I can teach better with all my love for children and teaching while being supported by strong educational knowledge and experience.

I am glad to accompany my students by their side as they grow and learn. Along with being an educator, I love the different roles of being their friend, partner, listener and cheerleader. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing children reach their potential and being happy. This is what will be happening every day in my classroom and in our school, with endless laughter and dreams.