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Biography of Frances Law

It is never too old to return to school! For two decades after my kindergarten graduation ceremony, I was lucky enough to be once again surrounded by lovely kids who were all wearing smiley faces and so eager to show you what they were doing in such a beautiful campus. My visit to Fairchild Academy in September 2018 marked the beginning of my new early childhood education journey. I Joined Fairchild as a business and marketing manager, working on content creation, traditional as well as digital marketing, and business management. At heart, I have a great passion for marketing. I believe “Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” - Ann Handley. Therefore, my job at Fairchild is to tell parents and the community how committed Fairchild has been doing to encourage our next generations to enjoy their childhood with playful, interesting and developmentally appropriate activities, and create opportunities to stimulate more of their exploration, creativity and use of imagination through inquiry-based learning approach.

I love to go to school as much as our children do as walking around the two campuses is the best way to find inspiration for my work. The inspiration does not only come from the ‘third teacher’ which is the amazing environment, but also the Fairchild children who are a lot more creative, curious, adventurous and inquisitive then you could ever imagine.