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Biography of Daphne Mau

Hi, I am Daphne and I am a registered Canadian teacher specializing in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from Canada. I am a certified Hanen Program Trainer. I have been in the profession of Early Childhood Education for over 17 years.

While I was in Canada, I taught at Killarney Park Preschool Vancouver and was highly involved at AWANA Children's Ministry.

In 2005, I was invited to Hong Kong to participate in a pilot inclusion project at an International Kindergarten. Since then, I have taught in different international schools in HK for years. During my teaching journey I also took special roles such as Behavioral Interventionist, Age Band leader, SEN Learning Advisor & Curriculum Coordinator.

"No significant learning occurs without significant relationships."
- Dr. James P Corner.

I love children and dedicated myself to whole-child education, where each student is empowered to flourish. It is my belief that strong relationships are essential foundations for optimal learning. Also, I strongly believe in children’s right to learn through play and an inclusive environment.

With my love for the beauty of nature, in my free time I love traveling, skiing, and experiencing the taste of culture around the world with my husband.

I look forward to continuing to have a positive impact on the child's growth and to new discoveries with Fairchild.