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Biography of Christina Fu

I believe that most parents have the expectation of their children learning to be equipped with 21st century skills at their early childhood, for instance curiosity, creativity, collaboration and self-direction. 20 years ago, I had this wish when my daughter was born. This is my starting point of working with children and touching the knowledge of child development. I was a working mother after my graduation of my degree in Accountancy, I worked as an external auditor in the commercial field. My first job in the educational field was an internal auditor in the City University of Hong Kong.

In the actualization stage of my life, I was enlightened by the Hundred Languages poem written by Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach. To ignite my passion and enthusiasm relating to children, I studied a full time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education with the support from my family. I was pleased and lucky to study at the time when my daughter was preparing for her DSE examination. I have contributed to create a study environment with responsive interactions to support her study. I am so proud of both of our study results: score 5 or above in all subjects in the DSE examination while I was in the President’s list!

I have been working at Fairchild Kindergarten for a year as a part-time accounting officer. During the course of collaborating within the Fairchild family, I am deeply engrossed into the world of children. I extremely enjoy engaging, observing, interacting, collaborating, playing with children, and working among their dialogues and laughter. I appreciate the opportunity to work as an Educator with an inspired third teacher: the engaging and child-centered environment in the Fairchild Kindergarten. I believe that I can strive to collaborate with the Fairchild team to nurture our children learning 21st century skills joyfully under the Reggio Approach.