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Biography of Anthony Lee

Self-learning within our Fairchild family.

Originally from Scotland, I came to Hong Kong in 2007; a few months after graduating, and planned on staying for one year and have never looked back. I am a confessed “STEM guru" and Electronics and Computer Engineer. I started working for a fast, upscale company in Hong Kong, managing and maintaining mainframe computers, software backup and installation. The company allowed me to travel to different places around Asia and Hong Kong districts, offering me opportunities to meet other people and gain more experience in cultural diversity.

Passionate about teaching, I made a career change in the field of Education after doing part-time tutoring in a tutorial centre in Hong Kong, which inspired me to work as a teacher within international kindergartens providing an inquiry-based curriculum. With encouragement from friends, family, colleagues and a vast interest in the field, I studied for a Postgraduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education, acquiring my PGDE in June 2016. Over the past 11 years, I've worked as a teacher and facilitator with kindergarten children. This experience has given me an in-depth understanding of early cognitive, emotional and social development. It's also a unique opportunity to learn about the critical relationships between children, parents and educational professionals, as well as the relationships between educators and the pedagogical leadership team. Being part of inquiry-based learning, I believe it is vital for us as Educators to play an active role throughout the process by establishing culture, moving children from a position of wondering to a part of enacted understanding and further questioning.

In 2018, I enrolled in a Master's in STEM education at the University of Hong Kong. Through this, I have also developed the competence and confidence to encourage young minds to explore different means of learning. I am constantly building newer environments to foster Education and embrace mistakes in a risk-free environment.

My long-term goal is to continue learning and inspire problem-solving learners to form a unique mindset. At the very least, build on curiosity, which equips learners to respond to real-world challenges; being part of the vision cultivates curiosity, creativity and confidence in children.