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Biography of Priscilla Tang

After graduating from the university, I began training as an engineer designing building infrastructures for corporations in the UK, before moving back to Hong Kong to pursue a career in facilities management and was fortunate to have established a regional role for a global firm. Then I shifted my priorities to become a full-time mum when my son turned one year old as I believed a child’s early years development would have the greatest influence to his future growth. Whilst I was enjoying and learning to be a responsible parent, I discovered my passion for working with children who have always managed to inspire and incentivise me to be creative and transformative in my teaching.

From the past six years of teaching science to kindergarten and lower primary students, I appreciated how children can be active learners when given opportunities to explore and express themselves. Science is everywhere in everyday life, it is an inquiry into how the world works. Children are natural scientists with curious and inquisitive minds – they are capable to learn through observing changes in the environment, experimenting on how things work and making connections with their experiences. I am excited to join the Fairchild family and honoured to play a part in the children’s journey to explore the world together. At Fairchild, every interaction is a unique learning moment for the child, and how amazing that I am there to witness these special moments.

I love outdoor activities and I volunteer regularly (with my son who is eleven now) to support biodiversity conservation through participating in nature walks, educational fairs and practicing sustainable living. It is my commitment to providing a better future for our children.